Guide For Using AdSeeData

Step One

Before you start tracking the Facebook Ad of APP, you’ve got to register.

Step Two

Get the most out of  AdSeeData with some helpful tips on Top chart, App, Favorites, and more.
1. You need login to view the Facebook Ads of App
2. Click "Platform" to choose what platform you would like to view
3. Click "Country" to show the Facebook Ads'rank of different countries
4. Click "Category" to choose the types of app
5. Click "Date" to show the rank of the selected date
6.  The "Updated" means data will be updated in the system daily to ensure that you have the most accurate and up to date results
7. New like of all the ads within the selected time
8. The number of all the ads within the selected time
9. The impressions weighted sum of all the ads within a selected time
It includes: 
  • Frequency of ads impression, High heat means more ads, it almost close to ads' putting impression
  • The heat's rank of large country must be higher than small ones
  • Excellent creative, low CPI or high ROI will get higher heat
10. Click the name of app to show the ads' details of app
11. Click the "Google Play" to jump the Google play URL of App
12. Click the "Add to Favorite" to favorite the app

Step Three

 To reference creative, try the following options in the sidebar:
1. Click the "Google Play" to jump the Google play URL of App
2. Click the "Facebook Page" to jump the Facebook page URL of Advertiser
3. Click the "Add to Favorite" to favorite the app
4. Click the "App details" to show the creative of app
5. Click the "Ad details"to show the creative of ad
6. Click the "Overall trend" to show the trend of the App's Ads
7. Total Facebook Ads of App
8. Total like of Facebook Ads
9. Advertising Time
10. The country of Audience
11. Sort by Heat, Date, Like
12. Order by Descending or Ascending
13. The country of advertising
14. First advertising time of ad
15. Latest advertising time of ad
16. The timezone form "First advertising time of ad" to "Latest advertising time of ad"
17.The information of Audience

Step Four

Explore! There's app detail. Click "App details" to see information of app.
1.  The platform of App
2.  The Publisher of App
3.  The types of App
4.  The ratings of App in published platform
5.  The description of App
6.  The images of App in published platform

Step Five

If the details are too basic for you, click "Overall Trend" to see trend of ads that referenced them. The trend will be more specific.

1. The trend of Ads, it sorted by Ad, Like and Heat
2. The country of Ad
3. The date of Ad
4. The update time of system
5. The advertising of Ad
6. The daily new ad
7. The daily new like
8. The Heat of Ads daily


 Hope it is helpful for you to understand clearly.

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