How To Apply Block Lists for Facebook Audience Network

Want to learn how to apply block lists for Facebook Audience Network? This guide below will show you how to do:

You can click Power Editor—Select Campaigns—Select Ad Sets—Choose the Ad Sets you would like to run Audience Network—Edit the Ad Sets

Tap the Placement button to select Audience Network

Then You can view the images below:

*Note: While the below images refer to only the Power Editor. You could apply block lists via Ads Manager.


Then "Create Block Lists"

Check the format of block lists. You could view block lists on Ad APP.

How do we export Block Lists for Facebook Audience Network?

Login AdSeeData and jump to AD APP

Filter and select those apps you would like to exclude

as shown in the image below:



Select "Export it", you will download CSV.

Save it and apply it for Facebook Audience Network( Same for other platforms)





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